I applaud your clarity to invest in the
most valuable resource you have… your SELF!

THANK YOU for taking an important first step to
change the world by changing your Self!Marlene Kennedy consultation Toronto
You’ve always had the power,
you just had to learn it for your Self.
The joy of connecting to your body is like discovering a hundred dollar bill you forgot you had in an old coat pocket, long since forgotten & forever valued. I invite you to consider these transformational treatments &
classes available in Toronto.
Try it & see for your Self!

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Below are descriptions of what I have to offer.  If you’re not sure which is your best choice,
contact me for your free consultation.

Free introductory class Feldenkrais Method Toronto

Awareness Through Movement® class

Never experienced a Feldenkrais class before?
Your first one is FREE!

I am also delighted to present introductory Feldenkrais demonstrations to organized groups.

No registration required.  Bring an old bath towel for your head support.



Join any classes at ROOM TO MOVE studio
662 Broadview, Gravel driveway to Rear Downstairs

Wednesdays:    6:15 pm-7:45 pm
Saturdays:       12:30 pm-1:45 pm

Call to REGISTER:  416.406.0054

Free well-being consultations Toronto 

Not sure which way to go?

Your Choices are:


Align with Divine While You Melt Your Cares Away
2 treatments ALL in ONE ~
If you seek Heaven on Earth & long to give your Self the gift of time, this treatment cocoons you in the unconditional loving support & connection of your Soul, while your body basks in deep Relaxation, Balance & Peace, long overdue. Let It Go!


Align with Divine
Definitely a must for the energetically
inclined. This treatment brings with it
all the potential of your Soul & etheric
bodies through Reconnection to the
Earth’s ‘Grid’. Whether you surrender
the ‘steering wheel’ over to your Soul &
the powers that be or trust in your own
inner guidance, the power of intention
helps manifest the all important balance &
clearing you desire. Back to clarity & peace:
A Very Deeply Relaxing Reconnection.


Functional Integration

(FI) One-on-One Lessons:

Discover What You Don’t Know
You Don’t Know About Your Self
For those individuals experiencing any kind of
disconnection with their physical form ~
perhaps from overuse injury or just day to day
dysfunctional habits over time.

This profound work fosters CHOICE: ‘If you know what you’re doing,
you can do what you want.’ The fact is most of us
haven’t a clue as to how we use ourselves.
Rely on this Method to rediscover:

  • Freedom of Movement &
  • Learn How to Learn Again.

Whatever you choose to do in your life ~
without a doubt, everything is better with Feldenkrais.
Ready yourself at the level of experiencing
your brain & nervous system reorganizing & resetting
the all important ‘neutral’, we all seek.
A super adjunct to any body~mind practise,
especially yoga & meditation.
Learn to Listen to Your Self for a Change


Awareness Through Movement

(ATM) Group Classes

Where the above FI option can be a stimulating
sensory experience, with touch heightening awareness,
ATM offers a Do~It~Yourself practise, especially
befitting for the financially challenged. For a mere
investment of time, you can hone your ‘listening skills’ &
greatly enhance your natural intelligence in the
hands~on work as well.
This method consists typically of a group lesson
where you are lead verbally through virtually
thousands of different small, gentle movement patterns to engage various
systems of your organization ~ gently guided to move
in unusual & unfamiliar ways. No prerequisites required.
Start Where You Are… Where Else is There?
Easy Does It!  Learn to Live:  LESS is MORE

BEWARE: Unwinding or deconstructing the physiology has
immensely effective capacity to foster life~altering affects,
aiding the creation of flexible minds as well as flexible bodies.
They are not separate. As above, so below. As inside, so outside.

Your Nervous System Is Smarter Than You Are!


How the Mind Can Heal the Body
For anyone seeking to Develop the
Concentrative Power of the Mind
Whether you are looking to Learn To Meditate
or seek to establish a regular practise,
this simple & effective system handed
down from Thai Buddhist monks, will
provide you with practical tools to
aid you in achieving Balance & Calm
in your busy, hectic life ~ come what may.
Most importantly, show up for your Self!
You don’t have to ‘live in a cave’ or sit in
‘pretzel postures’ to obtain Inner Peace.
Opportunities abound to ‘start again’ &
to start where you are.
Explore the Gift of ACCEPTANCE.
Discover the Secret to a Healthy Balanced Life!


Sweat It Out!
Experience the deeply relaxing & detoxifying
affects of the healing Rays of the Sun.
Greatly supportive of chronic conditions.
Check with your health care provider.
(Drink plenty of quality water before & after.
Your towels or mine, you choose.)


Heal Unfinished Emotional Business
Discover the Power of the Emotional Body

Ever feel like your ‘inner child’ rules your life?
Even though you think that you have
‘everything under control’ ~ out of nowhere,
come the triggers that throw you off balance,
again & again. Events like ‘going home for
the holidays’ have the impact to throw you off
course, like it’s happening all over again,
just like in your family of origin…
Talk & Touch Supports Inner Dialogue
with Disowned Parts of the Self &
Truly Liberates Your Freedom of Speech
Your Body Tells The Truth ~
Cells Remember What Humans Forget!


Spiritual Regression
Ever wonder if you’ve been a king or queen in a past life…
or more practically, why, no matter what you try to do
to resolve a current relationship, somehow it always
turns out negatively? …perhaps a glimpse into the
Akashic Records or to ‘sit’ in the company of your
Soul Group will lend itself to fulfilling these perplexing
life questions. What Is My Purpose?
Your Ability to Relax can have a major effect on the
effectiveness of this practice. Healing emotional trauma
or ‘unfinished business’ is your Soul’s ‘priority’.
Imagine looking deeply into the eyes of a ‘soul mate’, only
to recognize your mother or father, sibling or ‘best friend’.
‘AHA~Understanding’ is a great tool of forgiveness,
where ‘SEEING’ truly is ‘BELIEVING’.

Free well-being consultations Torontos


Feel free to call 416.406.0054 or

email:  info@YourBodyTellsTheTruth.ca

The above modalities are presented to serve your holistic integration & well~being…

whether experienced independently or in conjunction.  One assists the other.

What is Best for YOU?

Not sure what is the best route for you on your journey?   Here is a description of the many services we offer.  Give me a call and we can discuss your situation.  I will make a recommendation on what approach is best for you at this time and for your personal preferences.

Rubenfeld Synergy

Heal Unfinished Emotional Business through Listening Hands

The uniqueness of The Rubenfeld Synergy Method® lies in the use of talk & touch together. A Listening Touch heightens awareness, both emotionally & physically allowing us to explore levels that are difficult to access through either talk or touch alone. Touch allows us to get to the heart of the matter. Talk allows us to understand its meaning.

RSM® has been in the forefront of practising & teaching the connection of the body, mind, emotions & spirit for over 30 years. Recent research is shifting our view of health. People can no longer be treated in a compartmentalized manner. New excitement in the healing arts is emerging as scientists & doctors who are studying the brain & the mind have shown the necessity for an integrated method. RSM® is a leader in such an approach.

RSM® uses the power of touch to tap the inner resources necessary for deep healing. Stress, memories & suppressed emotions are stored in our bodies, affecting our health & well~being. These ‘holdings’, ‘tensions’ & ‘aches’ cause us to live feeling chronically tired, emotionally drained & physically disconnected. Chronic stressors can manifest physically as disease.

RSM® helps us learn to listen to the body. Our body holds the truths about who we are in our core. Through listening, we become aware of habitual patterns & tensions. We can then make new choices, transform old patterns & bring concrete improvements to our daily lives & relationships. By understanding the relationship between our body & our emotions, we can understanding ourselves deeply & can claim a greater role in our own well-being.


body~mind integration

Rubenfeld Synergy Method®

d i s c o v e r

You Have to Feel It To Heal It!

What the mind forgets, the body remembers
in the form of fear, pain or physical illness.
Louis Cozolino, The Neuroscience of Relationships


Are YOU Listening?


The body is home to our emotions, our thoughts & our spirit.
How we live & move in our body, is how we live & move in our lives.