PRIVATE LESSONS in the Feldenkrais Method® are called Functional Integration®

“Functional Integration® is a sophisticated art form requiring a high degree of sensory acuity and the unusual ability to join ourselves with another.
It is both incredibly creative and highly precise.”
David Zemach-Bersin

One~on~one sessions using gentle, non~invasive touch & verbal instruction guiding the student in personalized movement processes.

Lessons, as they are called, are done with the client, fully clothed, on a work table. Depending on the function(s) being addressed, the client may be lying, sitting or even standing. Through touch, the Feldenkrais Practitioner partially discloses or hints at a functional motor pattern & the client’s nervous system responds with altered muscular responses. In order to achieve the goals of learning rather than conditioning, the practitioner & the ‘learner’ must be engaged in a highly sensitive kinesthetic rapport. The practitioner must be ready to adapt his/her sensory cues to the learner’s ability to use the input at any given moment.

A Functional Integration® lesson is always an intelligent improvisation on a theme, a kinesthetic conversation in which response determines next input, rather than a predetermined lesson or pattern. Gradually, with entrainment of the whole skeleton into participation with the function, the client synthesizes, mostly at an unconscious level, a new neuromuscular pattern of movement. The altered neuromuscular responses catch the client by surprise & change is therefore experienced as effortless ~ not based on conscious correction or exertion of will.