What to Expect in ATM Class

Awareness Through Movement®

What to bring:
Wear warm clothing. Your heart rate will slow down as you relax into the lesson. People who tend to get cold easily should bring an extra layer & thick socks.

Bring a large towel or blanket. It can be used to lie on, to cover you, or as a support under your neck or knees.

Get the most out of your lesson:

  • Lessons usually begin with a “scan”. As you lie comfortably on the floor the teacher will guide you through a scan that helps you establish how you are actually lying. This gives you a template to compare with as you progress through the lesson. It also helps you focus your attention.
  • Less is more! Slowing the movements down & doing fewer repetitions will help you feel how it affects other parts of you. In general, the less muscular effort you use the more sensory motor information you will receive. The power of learning is not in the effort, it is in the noticing.
  • Moving with-in your comfort zone will allow your explorations to be pleasurable, free of strain, & more fluid. Feel free to stop & rest, re-position, or complete a movement in your imagination.
  • You will learn to avoid “parasitic activity”, i.e. any activity unnecessary to the movement you are doing. For example, holding your breath or clenching your jaw while you move your leg are parasitic activities.
  • Trust your own body intelligence. If you are not sure of an instruction please ask for clarification. Do not compete with others or copy others.

To retain the changes & benefits from the class give yourself time to enjoy it before you enter your busy life. Go for a leisurely walk so that you can notice the greater fluidity in your movement! You will likely feel some soreness the next day even though it is a gentle class. Make sure to have an Epsom salt bath & drink extra water today.

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Marlene Kennedy

Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner