EASY  Does It!

Though many individuals seek out Soul Connection through the act of doing yoga, many miss out on the essence of being body~mind~spirit union.

Some opt for spiritual bypass, thinking they can surpass the incredible pull of the emotional body or alternately, allow the emotional life to stalemate an otherwise, progressive life direction of mind power, concentration & the power of intention. Life is movement & balance of all of the above are necessary to experience integration with the Self.

Early in my experience, as a trained Kundalini yoga instructor, yoga came prematurely to my ability to actually LISTEN with my whole Self. Consequently, I projected my dysfunctional behaviour patterns into doing yoga, just like so many others. What else could I do? All we can do is start where we are. Our patterns follow us wherever we go. The way we do anything… is the way we do everything!

Fortunately for me along came Feldenkrais, along with the emotionally integrating work of Rubenfeld Synergy to help to bring to awareness the unconscious shadow motivators directing  behaviour & that when given a voice, life moves forward again, as I continue to embrace life’s possibility & soul’s potential.

Maybe in another 4,000 years or so… that’s how long it’s taken YOGA to catch on here in the West?, when the Brain Anatomists & Neuroscientists share in their discoveries of the brain~body neural repatterning systems such as Rubenfeld Synergy & the Feldenkrais Method of Somatic Education: Functional Integration & Awareness Through Movement will no longer be one of life’s best~kept secrets. These deserving modalities will instead take their rightful place as the outstanding leading integrative body~mind processes that they are, so imminent to the quick~paced, evolutionary information age where we live; both in service to the union of our Self & as well as to each other. It’s all about relationship & connection of the parts!

Enjoy your Self… being on the cutting edge of new technology.

Dare to be different. Be your Self! Learn to do things differently!
Change the way you move, think, sense & feel.

Listen to Your Self for a Change!

Your Nervous System is Smarter than You Are
Cells Remember What Humans Forget

With metta,

Marlene Kennedy
Certified Rubenfeld Synergist &
Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner