Rubenfeld Synergy®

Rubenfeld Synergy, Toronto, Listening Hand, Marlene Kennedy

MOVING into the HEART of the MATTER through TOUCH & TALK

Heal Unfinished Emotional Business through Listening Hands

The uniqueness of The Rubenfeld Synergy Method® lies in the use of talk & touch together. A Listening Touch heightens awareness, both emotionally & physically allowing us to explore levels that are difficult to access through either talk or touch alone. Touch allows us to get to the heart of the matter. Talk allows us to understand its meaning.

RSM® has been in the forefront of practising & teaching the connection of the body, mind, emotions & spirit for over 30 years. Recent research is shifting our view of health. People can no longer be treated in a compartmentalized manner. New excitement in the healing arts is emerging as scientists & doctors who are studying the brain & the mind have shown the necessity for an integrated method. RSM® is a leader in such an approach.

RSM® uses the power of touch to tap the inner resources necessary for deep healing. Stress, memories & suppressed emotions are stored in our bodies, affecting our health & well~being. These ‘holdings’, ‘tensions’ & ‘aches’ cause us to live feeling chronically tired, emotionally drained & physically disconnected. Chronic stressors can manifest physically as disease.

RSM® helps us learn to listen to the body. Our body holds the truths about who we are in our core. Through listening, we become aware of habitual patterns & tensions. We can then make new choices, transform old patterns & bring concrete improvements to our daily lives & relationships. By understanding the relationship between our body & our emotions, we can understanding ourselves deeply & can claim a greater role in our own well-being.


“This is your body, your greatest gift,

pregnant with wisdom you do not hear,

grief you thought was forgotten &

joy you have never known.”

Marion Woodman