What people say about Marlene…

“Marlene is a sensitive, attuned, creative, life-long learner. She has extensive, consolidated & integrated holistic training & experience. Graciously, Marlene shares many a passion on the human journey, as well, as her green living space. I appreciate the priority she places on doing her own work too.”

“I want to thank you for all your wonderful support & feedback & to thank you for just such a wonderful, wonderful session. It’s very powerful work that we do together & it’s very, important for me at this point, that we’re doing this. Thank you very much for your love & your energy & your skill & your timing & you.”

“Marlene is very grounded & her energy helps me greatly. She is so well integrated that even just being around her is helpful for me. I don’t think I am the only one in class who has noticed this about Marlene; I have heard people say she is like the ‘rock of Gibraltar’. Also, I appreciate her command of the material as well as her embodiment of the practice that  continues to evolve. Last but not least, her compassionate nature makes it possible for me to continue to practice is more than appreciated.”

“I want to thank you very much for yesterday for the culmination of a lot of your work. It helped me a lot. And also, for the unspoken. …that was very powerful for me to be in a situation where I didn’t have to speak, seeing as I speak a lot in my work & in the things that I do. Thanks, once again. This is quite a powerful time for me right now.”

“Thank you, first of all, so much for that wonderful session the other day. That was very, very profound. I can’t believe all the stuff that I’m seeing that came out, so that was very, very good. Thank you very much.”

“I wanted to say thank you again for helping me. Of course, I’m breathing so much better. Immediately I was just feeling so much better & by the next day, really an unbelievable difference. I just wanted to thank you again & let you know, that was absolutely what I needed. And I really appreciate all the time you put in. I feel fantastic.”

“I’m just calling to say thank you for the Saturday session & thank you very much for making time for me on your weekend. It was a remarkable session & I had no idea how much time elapsed because it went so quickly; I’m sure it didn’t for you but it did for me. Thank you again for that & for your attentive conversation as well. There were so many things, so many illuminations that came to me. I did quite a bit of writing yesterday so something must have become a bit unchecked or opened, so it was an interesting day. There’s some continuing issues & controversies, & I’ll let you know how it goes. But obviously, you’ve given me more strength & focus to help with all that. Thank you very much again. I am sending you blessings & gratitude. And I hope that your week is as full of as much light as you give others.”

“As a special request, if at all possible, I would love it if you could come to my home before class for a private Functional Integration session. I am in absolute agony after sitting on a bus. Sunnybrook has affirmed that I have received the most horrific healthcare service over the years. The situation with my neck & shoulders requires immediate attention & they are doing all sorts of very positive things to look after me. Also, they do believe in Feldenkrais. The doctor said to me, if there’s one thing that you have to do for yourself, it’s to stay with the Feldenkrais course. I mean I have been living in pain my entire life & assumed that other people knew what was good for me until after your treatments, your 4 treatments, you literally changed my mind. And I mean literally. So I’m seeing things differently. I’m doing things differently. I’m really in good shape & I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am.”

“We send you lots of affection & gratitude for what you did for us yesterday. I know you took a little extra time with my partner & she sure was relaxed afterwards. We both appreciated it very much so we wanted to send you our blessings & gratitude & to let you know that it was a very good day. I was very tired afterwards. Just with the gentle, divine alignment that you did & with the compressed time as it was, it completely relaxed me too. Blessings to you. “

“Thank you for the extraordinary session yesterday. It seemed like an awful lot of things that had been pent up & closed off, ended up bringing forward a period of extraordinary things, a whole rejigging of my geometry. I would like to explore what would be the best thing to help reconnect & to help to restore some memory issues that I’m having. I think it’s information overload, frankly. My new book is out in the stores & it’s been getting some interesting reactions.  I want to thank you again. It was an extraordinary day, I slept & a lot of things came up in my dreams as well.”