InfraRed SAUNA

DetoxThe Healing Power of SaunaRay® Far Infrared

Your body is home to your spirit on earth.
If you don’t take care of it, where are you going to live?

Medical research has proven that toxins in the human body can lead to major health problems. Toxins are poisonous.
If you have your health, you have everything.

Medically proven results. Rid your body of environmental toxins. The low penetrating dry heat allows you to stay inside longer & sweat more for deep & comforting detoxification.

Radiant heat is a form of energy that heats objects directly, without heating the air in between. This is also called ‘infrared heat’. Infrared heaters are used by hospitals to warm premature infants. Safety first.

● Boost immune response
● Relaxation & stress management
● Detoxification; eliminates harmful toxins
● Breast health
● Remarkable pain relief
● Improves blood circulation & skin tone

Did you know that the skin is the largest eliminative organ in the body? Our bodies counteract increased body heat levels through the natural cooling process of perspiration or ‘sweating’. Elimination through sweating is more passive & requires less energy compared to elimination through the kidneys & bowels. In the perspiration process, acid & waste residue containing toxins, sodium, alcohol, nicotine, cholesterol & potentially carcinogenic heavy metals are removed from the cells & expelled through your pores. Hence, ‘sweat therapy’ is excellent for the overall purification & balance of the body & can be effectively combined with other cleansing therapies.

The segment of the infrared spectrum emitted by an infrared sauna is reputed to offer an astounding range of possible therapeutic benefits & effects according to research studies conducted around the world. Infrared heaters are used by hospitals in assisting premature infants in maintaining body heat.

The infrared sauna is the ultimate sauna operating at safer, lower temperatures than other saunas which makes breathing more comfortable & is considered safer, thus making infrared sauna therapy a better alternative for a greater variety of individuals. Although an infrared sauna operates at only 110° to 130°F, compared to a conventional sauna which operates at 180° to 210°F, radiant heat is absorbed by the body to a depth of over 1.5″ below the skin & assists in producing 2 to 3 times more sweat.

Radiant heat is also very therapeutic for your overall well being. It helps to support your body’s natural ‘defense’ system to easily ward off harmful contaminates. An infrared based system can warm your body to a much greater degree & in a much more efficient manner than a conventional sauna, as its energy output is primarily used to convert energy directly to heat inside the body & not to create excessively hot air which then only superficially heats the skin.

These crucial differences help to explain why the health benefits available through infrared therapy are not attainable through the use of a conventional sauna.

If you have been diagnosed with, or suspect any of the following disorders, infrared sauna therapy may not be appropriate for you. Always check with your family physician.

• Adrenal suppression & systemic lupus erythematosus or
multiple sclerosis
• Recent (acute, within 48 hrs) joint injury, chronically hot &
swollen joints, enclosed infections (either dental, in-joints or
any other tissue)
• Pregnancy or suspected pregnancy because of possible discomfort
• Metal pins, rods, artificial joints or any other surgical implant
due to the reflection of infrared rays by these articles
• Hemophiliacs & anyone predisposed to hemorrhage should avoid any
type of heating that would induce vasodilation which can potentiate the tendency to bleed
• Always check with your physician if you are uncertain for any reason.

RATES (Preferred rates for existing clients, multiple sessions or if you supply your own towels.)

• Detoxification
• Heart Disease
• Asthma
• Relief from Chronic Pain
• Breast Health
• Fibromyalgia
• Weight Loss
• Improved Skin Tone

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My patients love the Far Infrared Sauna. It has helped some of them recover from long-term chronic illnesses, where other methods did not work.
Dr. Zolton Rona, MD, Author & SaunaRay user

I used my asthma inhaler three times a week. After four months in my SaunaRay I almost never need it anymore.
Bonnie Lesky, Advertising Executive, Toronto

My custom SaunaRay is on every day & I use it for almost all of my patients.
Sat Dharam Kaur, ND, Author: The Complete Natural Medicine Guide to Breast Cancer

The most important change in my opinion is that patients who were unable to sweat before are now beginning to sweat. They can now use their skin as a vehicle to detoxify their bodies.
Dr. Alison Bested, Fibromyalgia Specialist & SaunaRay user